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July 2014
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Brew Day! Scottish Ale!
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Finally got my hands on some Golden Promise (Thomas Fawcett). I prefer doing a batch unaffected by specialty grains to really get to know the malt. This brew will be malty with low hop characteristics per the style, and this malt will hopefully do the job on its own.

10 lbs Golden Promise (TF)
1 oz Fuggles (Mash)

20 IBU Northern Brewer (90 min boil)

1 whirlfloc tablet (15 mins)

Edinburgh ale yeast starter

12 Plato OG

Step mash start at 120 F for 10 mins then raise to 140 F for 15 mins then 152 F for 15 mins then 158 F for 10 mins mash out at 170 F.

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Brew Day! Porter!
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This one should work out well as a tasty big brew.

10.5 lbs Avangard Pale Ale Malt
1/2 lb Crystal 40
1/2 lb Crystal 80
1/2 lb Chocolate Malt
1/2 lb Black Patent Malt
2 oz East Kent Goldings (Mash)

1 whirlfloc tablet (15 mins)

7/8 oz Northern Brewer 9.9 alpha and 35 IBU boil 90 mins

13.5 plato pre boil
16.4 palto OG woot!

1 oz Fuggles Bottle hop

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20th Anniversary Brew! Day!
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Our first batch ever was a Scots Brown Ale kit from the Home Brewery. Ever since, any time we wanted to make a celebratory anniversary brew, it would be some sort of take on a brown. First anniversary was a massively hopped and nearly undrinkably bitter stronger brown. Out 10 year brew was an experiment in oxidation with a double brown that was fantastic.

This go around, another experiment. We have a full pound of whole leaf Willamette for this experiment.

14.5 lb Avangard Pale Ale malt
1/2 lb Crystal, 40 lov
1/2 lb crystal 80 lov
1/2 lb Chocolate
1/4 lb roasted barley
1 lb Willamette hops whole leaf (6.2 alpha-mash to be re used in boil as they are in hop bags)
1 whirlfloc tablet 15 mins

Mash in igloo cooler at 130-140F let stand 15 mins. Raise to 150 F let stand 45 mins raise to 155 F. Mash out best you can. Lauter with non-sparge arm and hot water. Run on through

OG 17.5 plato

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Brew Day! ESB
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So while I await a verdict prior to brewing our anniversary brew, I whipped this recipe up:

10 lbs Avangard Pale Ale malt
1/2 lb 40 lov crystal malt
1/2 lb 80 love crystal malt
2 oz East Kent Goldings (Mash Hop)

1 Whirlfloc tablet

5 IBU Northern Brewer (1/8 oz 9.9 alpha)
30 IBU EKG (7.2 alpha, 1 oz)

Mash in 130 F raise slowly to 148 over 30 minutes. Hold for 30 minutes. Raise to 158 F hold for 10 mins. Mash out 170F

12 plato pre boil
OG 16.2 Plato

Bottled with 1 oz Bramling Cross

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