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June 2014
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Brew Day! Experimental Stout!
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Wanted to try and improve on the Pale Ale from the previous week. That brew seemed to be a bit underhopped. Therefore I shall up the ante!

10 lbs Avangard Pale Ale malt
1 lb roasted barley
1/2 lb chocolate
2 oz Centennial hops 11.3% AA (Mash). Same hops to be used for boil.
1 whirlfloc tablet 15 mins

Mash in at 120-130F and hold 10 mins. Step up to 145F for 15 mins. Step to 152 F for 30 mins and step to 155F for 15 mins mash out at 168F.

Re use Chico yeast from Chicobock

Pre Boil OG 12.5 Plato
OG 15.3 Plato

Seemed bitter enough to start…

1/2 ox East Kent Goldings in bottle bucket

This beer came out awesome!

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Brew Day! Pale Ale (APA) Experiment!
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This is our first attempt at re-using mash hops.

10 lbs Avangard Pale Ale Malt
2 oz Cascade (7.3 AA) Mash, whole leaf, 1 oz in hop bag

The Cascade hops in the bags to be placed in boil as boil hops, approx 30 IBU’s, 90 min boil, no pre-boil

Whirlfloc tablet added with 15 mins left

mash in for 120F, slowly raised up to low 150’s via hot water. Total mash time, 90 mins.

Pre boil 11.8 Plato
OG 13.5 Plato

Brew came out rather bland, but clean. Not enough hop character. Therefore, this one got a dose of Simcoe at bottle time! 1 oz.

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Brew day! Strong Ale Maibock Style!
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Playing for time. Since the malts that I prefer to use are in short supply, am going to wing a beer for the fun of it!

13 lbs Avangard Pilsner malt
2 oz Acidulated malt
2 oz Hersbruker hops (mash)

Mash in for protein rest @ 120-130F let stand 20 mins and raise to 140F let stand for 15 mins raise to 150 F let stand for 30 mins then do first decoction.  Boil for 20 mins and add back to main mash. Let stand 10 mins @ 158F. Do second decoction to raise temp to 168F. 20 min boil.

3/4 oz Northern Brewer 9.9 AA 30 IBU 90 min boil
1 whirlfloc tablet 15 minutes left in boil

re-pitch California Ale yeast

15.5 plato beginning of boil
17.8 plato OG

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Brew Day! Beer!
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Sometimes you can just make something for the sake of making something. In this case, it is more of a random beer with a hop variety that I have never heard of before, Falcon’s Flight. A couple ounces in the mash would do quite nicely. And seeing that Maris Otter is in short supply out there and so is Avangard Pale malt, I went with this.

5 lbs Avangard Pilsner Malt
4.5 lbs Avangard Munich Malt
1/2 lb Avangard Carmel malt 30 lovibond
1 lb Avangard Carmel malt 10 lovibond
2 oz Falcon’s Flight hops (mash)

1 oz (35 IBU) Palasades hops 8 alpha 90 minutes
1 whirlfloc tablet last 15 mins
1 oz citra flame off

Step mash, mash in at 120 raised to 140 then to 155.

11.8 Plato pre boil
OG 14.2 Plato

White Labs English Ale Yeast with starter

1 oz Simcoe at bottling time

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Brew Day! Pale Ale of sorts!
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In limbo waiting for a sack of Avangard Pale malt, so managed to score a tad bit of Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter.

Keeping it simple:

10lbs Maris Otter
2 Oz Nugget hops (mash)

1/2oz German Magnum 14.2 Alpha (30 IBU’s) 90 mins

Whirlfloc tablet 15 mins

3/4 oz Tettnanger
1/4 oz Sterling
Flame off

Step mash, with 120F rest, then slowly raised to 150 and rested and raised to 158 for 10 mins. Raised to 168 and sparged.

Boil OG 12.2 Plato
OG: 14.3 Plato

White Labs English Ale Yeast with starter

Added 1 oz. Simcoe to 1 1/4 cup DME priming sugar

The Bottle Hop method! Boil DME for 10 minutes, and add hops.  High hop oil hops are best. Let steep for 10 minutes, then strain out into bottling bucket and bottle as usual. Keep in mind I have an eleven inch diameter industrial strainer that I use for this. Make sure the strainer is sanitized (I boil water and steam it in my water boiling pot).

This beer came out fantastic, with a wonderful fresh hop flavor and aroma.

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